Dirk's Accordion Tuner Pro 2.22

Dirk's Accordion Tuner Pro 2.22

An app for tuning accordions and similar 'free-reed' instruments
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Dirk's Accordion Tuner Trial 2.2 is a software program developed for tuning ‘free-reed’ instruments to help users who play the accordion, bandeneon, melodico, the diatonic harmonica and the reed organ, by simplifying and speeding up the tuning process.

The program features a large range from EO to C9, a high accuracy 0.05 Hz, and it can measure up to 3 reeds at a time. This benefits users by allowing them to tune their instruments without disabling reeds before opening their cases, making it easier to select the deviating reeds, if any. The tuner measures beating of the reeds at the same time and displays these measurements in Cent or Hertz. The tuner compares these measurements of beatings to a list of the instruments concerned. Users can produce the list using a graph in the tuner. Dirk's Accordion Tuner Trial 2.2 can be used for tuning chords, tones, and basses and features automatic corrections of any deviations in sound card accuracy. Notes to be measured can be selected manually or automatically and the tuner performs with a high accuracy of better than 0.05Hz.

The tuning program has an interface dedicated to the needs of experienced tuners and it can be frozen to present users with a better view for examining numbers and graphs. They can use the zoom feature to full screen for a clear overview. The trial version gives users an extensive look at the possibilities of the tuner but it is limited to only measuring part of the notes from the scale:- F#O A0 C1 D#1 A1 C2 D#2 F#2 A2 C3 D#3 F#3 A3 C4 D#4 F#4 A4 C5 D#5 F#5 A5 C6 D#6 F#6 A6 C7 D#7 F#7 A7 C8 D#8 F#8 A8 C9 only these notes are supported in the demonstration of this program. Dirk's Accordion Tuner Trial 2.2 is available in multi languages and a manual is available online and for download in PDF in French, Dutch, German, and English.

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